January 25 - BAI Team Returns Safely to High Camp

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It’s just past 9:00pm and we’ve all arrived back at Berlin Camp, exhausted but extremely satisfied after our success on Aconcagua today. Tomorrow we’ll move down to Plaza de Mules, which as you may recall has pretty much everything in the world that you would want from civilization. It’s got the internet, it’s got hamburgers which Norb particularly likes and nice Argentine wine, beer, climbers from all over the world; it’s a whole different world.

We’ll start down there early tomorrow, be reunited with Leila and Dee and also we’ll be united with an old friend Mark VanDyke, who is climbing with another team. Mark was climbing with another team but he left that team early and now we are happy to have him with us. He didn’t go to the summit with us today, but he’s coming up to help us carry loads down tomorrow. He’s one of the Oceaneering Mariner Energy guys, an old friend. He last climbed with us on Elbrus and it’s going to be great to get reunited with him tomorrow.

Congratulations from me to every member of this team, everyone really put out a lot of effort today, with exhaustion in their faces, the satisfaction in their eyes. We are going to go to bed now at 19,600 feet (5974 meters) and get some very restful sleep I’m sure.

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters

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