Berg Adventures 2005 Mt. Vinson, Antarctica Expedition

Follow Wally Berg and climbers Woodie Vaughan and Martin Glynn as they journey to the highest point on the "cold continent." From the town of Punta Arenas, Chile, the team will fly by Russian Ilyushin jet over the Drake Passage to Patriot Hills, Antarctica. From there, they travel to the base of Vinson Massif, where their climb will begin. Please join us for continuing coverage of one of the world's great adventures.

Expedition Dispatches:

Dec. 5 – Images of our Antarctic Adventure

Dec. 4 – Antarctica Stays in Your Heart Forever
Dec. 3 – Berg Adventures Team Returns to Patriot Hills
Dec. 2 – Steak at Vinson Base!
Dec. 1 – Team Returns to Vinson Base

Nov. 30 – Team Stays at Camp 1 for One More Day
Nov. 29 – Cold Temperatures Move In
Nov 27 – Getting Stronger on the Climb
Nov. 26 – Moving from Vinson Base Camp
Nov. 25 – Rest Day after a Long Carry to Over Camp 1
Nov. 24 – Supplemental Dispatch:  Berg Adventures’ Connection with Carl G. Vinson
Nov. 24 – U.S. Thanksgiving on Ice
Nov. 23 – Settling In at Vinson Base
Nov. 22 – Berg Adventures Vinson Team Lands on the Ice
Nov. 22, 2005 – “Off deck” at Punta Arenas Airport