Berg Adventures 2004 Mt. Vinson, Antarctica Expedition

Camp at the base of Vinson MassifFollow Dave Hahn and climbers Bud Allen and Peter Amantia as they journey to the highest point on the "cold continent". From the town of Punta Arenas, Chile, the team will fly by Russian jet over the Drake Passage to the settlement at Patriot Hills, Antarctica. From there, they travel to the base of Vinson Massif. Please join us for continuing coverage of one of the world's great adventures.

Guide: Dave Hahn: Dave has been to the summit of Mount Vinson 22 times!  Over the years Dave's guiding has brought him to the summit of Everest 5 times, Cho Oyu 2 times, Mount McKinley 12 times and many other mountains in the Alps and elsewhere.

Climbers: Bud Allen, Peter Amantia

Expedition Dispatches:

Dec 24 – Team is on their way home!

Dec 23 – PM Update: Ilyusian is on the way to Antarctica!
Dec 23 – Standing-by and Ready to Go
Dec 22 – Ilyusin May Fly Tomorrow
Dec 21 Update – Team Back at Patriot Hills
Dec 21 – Sitting Tight at Vinson Base Camp
Dec 19 – Team Reaches Summit, Returns Safely to High Camp
Dec 18 – Team is at High Camp
Dec 17 – Second Night at Camp I
Dec 16 – Vinson Dispatch
Dec 15 – Happy at Vinson Base Camp
Dec 14 – Team is on the Ice
Dec 11-13: Update from Punta Arenas