Welcome to the Berg Adventures International Kilimanjaro 2002 Expedition Cybercast. Over the next two weeks, we'll be bringing you continuous coverage as we attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent. We hope you'll join us on this adventure of discovery.

The Berg Adventures International Kilimanjaro 2002 Expedition Team:


Wally Berg
Charles Minga


Mary Lynn Bente, NY
George Carebetta, CT
Janeen Carebetta, CT
Dennis Comfort, WA
Rebecca Comfort, WA
Karen Killian, WA
Charles Martin, NC
Deke Owens, NC
Katherine Waddell, GA
Richard Waddell, GA

Latest News and Daily Dispatches:

July 8, 2002 – Welcome message from Arusha, Tanzania
July 10, 2002 – Through the Cloud Forest
July 11, 2002 – Climbing Above Shira Camp
July 12, 2002 – Conquering the Barranco Wall
July 13, 2002 – High Camp and Ready for the Summit
July 14, 2002 – Success on the Rooftop of Africa!
July 15, 2002 – After the long descent
July 16, 2002 – On to the Serengeti
July 16, 2002 Part 2 – Serengeti!
July 17, 2002 – Serengeti from the Air
July 18, 2002 – Safari
July 19, 2002 – Ngorongoro Crater
July 20, 2002 – Winding down at Tarangire National Park
July 21, 2002 – Another adventure comes to an end.

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