January 11, 2007 – First Days on Kilimanjaro

Pat, Joe, Dave and Safi enjoy a hearty lunch before they start up the mountain

This is the Berg Adventures’ office with an update from our climbers on Kilimanjaro.  A couple of days ago, Pat, Joe and Dave began their journey on Kilimanjaro.  Before starting their hike they were treated to a hot lunch which they enjoyed with their guide Safi.  The weather was great and they were on their way!

Today we were notified that after 3 days of hiking on Kilimanjaro, Joe decided that he would not go any further.  He said goodbye to his teammates and was driven back to Arusha where he will spend the next few days at the hotel until he is reunited with his teammates and continues on with them for the safari portion of their trip.  Joe sent an email to our office and reassured us that he is fine and now enjoying the lower altitude of the city.

Pat and Dave have decided to continue their climb on Kilimanjaro and we will keep you posted on their progress.  Best wishes to them on the mountain.

The group at the entrance gate on Kilimanjaro

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