July 27, 2006 - Firing up the BBQ

Berg Adventures 2006 Elbrus team on the Summit

It’s the 27th of July and we’ve made it back down to the valley.  The sauna is fired up and out back they are barbequing lamb for our farewell dinner celebration with all our caucasus friends.  And the group has dispersed to the showers.  Now that we are down in the valley we are going to have a party tonight with our friends and say farewell to the caucasus Mountains. 

Rob, David and Adam from Eastern Canada smile on the summit of Elbrus

The memories of yesterday’s clear, beautiful summit will be with us forever.  The fact that we were all up there together was really an amazing accomplishment and a very special day.  We woke this morning at the barrels to a very different sight of Elbrus, it was completely cloud capped with a lenticular overhead, not a pretty day up there today.  We feel grateful that we made it up there when we did.

We’ll keep reporting about our adventures as we continue on to St. Petersburg tomorrow and say goodbye to Russia.

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Above: Comet Hale-Bopp over Mt. Elbrus from Pik Terskol, Caucasus, April '97. ©"Observers", AlltheSky.com