November 15, 2007 – Two Team Members Summit Chimborazo!

Chimborazo Hut

It's November 15 and I am happy to announce at 8:05 this morning Opus, Claire and Ramiro stood on the summit of Chimborazo over 6300m above sea level.

A few hours earlier at 5800 meters, Dafna, Martin, Hugo (Ecuadorian guide) and myself had turned back. Michel decided to say in our high hut at 5000 meters because his legs and lungs were tired from Cotopaxi and didn’t feel recuperated enough. He did get up and saw us off at 12:30am just before we began climbing.

Returning to a different world without glaciers and snowGoing back to Tuesday when we left behind the land of the haciendas and 2 hour lunches, we drove at night to a hut at 4800 meters and just to prove to you how well this group acclimatized; everyone slept like a log for more than 10 hours.

Then Wednesday we moved up 200m higher to another hut to put us in a better position to begin climbing. Like I said, we started 12:30 this morning when were on our way up a short rock section to the steep snow. Trying to go all of the way to the summit.

The climbing was more strenuous and sustained than Cotopaxi and Cayambe. Everyone did very well and I am especially proud that we put a rope-team on the summit.

Now we have descended down to a beautiful lodge, still at 4200m but in a different world down here. Lamas and alpacas all around, and it’s a really nice comfy lodge. This place is part mountaineering museum, part natural history interpretive centre. It is a 100% comfortable lodge and the team is getting showers.

Congratulations to the team on all of the great climbing on this trip!

Tomorrow more group members will be flying in to join us in Quito. Of course we are also going to meet Ann and find out how her jungle trip went. This team is going to have a well deserved rest back in Quito before they return home or in some cases, join us for Our Galapagos Adventure. Stay tuned and we will report to you with today’s photos when we get back to Quito.

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