November 6, 2007 – Martin and Ann Glynn's 27th Anniversary

Martin and Ann Glynn celebrating in the high Andes 27 years of their lives together

Today is November 6th, it is Martin and Ann Glynn’s 27th wedding anniversary. I am told by Ann that Martin is not very good at remembering dates but he managed to remember this one. We all have certainly enjoyed congratulating these two on years of a happy and successful marriage and family and it is a thrill to be here in Ecuador with them and to shared adventures with them on this special day.

We woke this morning on the third day... [ lost transmission ]

November 07, 2007 – Off to Cayambe Hut ( continued from yesterday )

WWilson, Ann’s happy and helpful guidee woke at the hacienda yesterday; we requested a 5:30 am breakfast to allow us to begin our climb. This morning was quite different, most of us showed up for breakfast about 8am having slept in. We spent most of the morning wandering around the beautiful grounds of this old restored monastery and hacienda. We have been told that there is one part of the monastery with a secret passageway. Opus spent a long time looking for it and Ann finally found out how to open the door behind the book case so that we could ascend up into the lookout tower.

The hacienda was enjoyable for three days, but now we have moved to a totally different setting. We drove two 4-wheel drive vehicles and one van to about 4,500 meters and then we began walking. Wilson and Ann came along just to see where we were going as we began to set up for our climb of Cayambe. They also joined us all the way to 4,600 meters to the Cayambe Hut where we will be living for the next couple of days getting ready to climb.

Ann said “well, this looks nice” but stated that her and Wilson were ready to head back. They made it back down the road in their 4-wheel drive vehicle to another hacienda where they’ll be staying while we are climbing.

Well, here we are right back at 4600 meters the same elevation we climbed to yesterday and now we are going to bed here tonight. We will wake up tomorrow, do some instruction and get ready to stage our climb up Cayambe day after tomorrow.

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