November 5, 2007 – First Summit and Team Success!

It's about one in the afternoon and we’ve already climbed our first mountain in Ecuador. I am calling you from the top of Imbabura which is about 4,800meters. We're on the first summit of this big mountain.  A great success today with the entire Berg Adventure’s Ecuador climbing team; myself and Ramiro (chief Ecuadorian guide), Dafna, Martin, Claire, Opus and Michelle. We are all standing here together and the team did really well climbing up. This is just a start of course; we’ve got bigger mountains in mind. The climb today was a steep one, very beautiful. We left farm land below, climbed up steep grassy ridges with beautiful wildflowers. We were scrambling up tight little rocky gullies and ledges, a very steady climb for all.

The team scrambling their way up the first Mountain, Imbabura

We are now heading down a little bit. We are going to find out what Ann and her guide Wilson were up to today and we are also going to find out what’s for dinner back at the hacienda.

This Berg Adventures climb is about climbing big mountains in the Ecuadorian Andes, but it is also about sleeping in a tent most nights. We are back the hacienda tonight, we will be moving up to the Antisana over the next couple days and we look forward to reporting to you from there.

The climbing team is doing very well and were looking forward to getting down and seeing what Ann is up to down in the valley.

Berg Adventures Ecuador Climbing Team

Our guide Wilson taking Ann on her own adventure today


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