November 8, 2007 – Ups and Downs in the Khumbu to Lobuche

The spectacular Lhotse wall

After breakfast we were watched the sky clear then the whole team headed out toward Lobuche.

Unlike most of the days where our trail has been uphill for a bit then down for a bit, today there were no downhills. As we made our ascent to an elevation of over 16,000 feet, it was a difficult trek because you wanted to look up at the scenery, but at the same time we need to look down and watch where we were walking so that we did not stumble and fall.

Like yesterday the geography of the region has changed from what we experienced during the early days of the trek. Instead of walking on a mountain trail it is terrain that we are traversing which is more like walking through valleys, all going uphill.

memorials to fallen climbers It is great having a Sherpa with us to tell us the names of all of the mountains, not that we could remember them all.

The highlight of the day was visiting the monuments that have been created in memory of the Sherpas and other trekkers who have lost their lives in climbing accidents over the years. The area has many prayer flags hung in their memories.

We arrived in Lobuche in time for afternoon tea, which has become a high point of this trek so far. Before dinner we are always served a bowl of soup to start, which David likes to keep his bowl hidden from the cooks, so that he can have seconds.

As we move higher on the mountain the days and nights are getting colder. If the weather is clear tomorrow, we will climb Kala Patar, the highest point on our trek. If we do not have clear weather we will delay the climb for a day. The latest weather report is that it’s starting to snow. We will all have our cold weather gear on for tomorrow's hike.

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