Expedition to Bolivia - June 2005

After touching down in the highest capital in the world, BAI's Bolivia expedition team, led by BAI guide Wally Berg, heads to the Cordillera Real with their sights set on some of the major peaks in the Condoriri Group, including the snow-covered pyramid of Pequeño Alpamayo (5370 m/17,618 ft) and perhaps a day hike up Cerro Austria (5000 m/16,405 ft) from a beautiful base camp on a pristine lake, before focusing on the famous and highest mountain in Bolivia, Sajama at (6542 m/21,464 ft).

Team Members:

Shawna O’Toole
Michael Boni
Keith Wilson
Larry Crozier
Jack O’Donnell
Scott Wagner
Robert Burnett
Donna Moll
John Freeman

BAI Staff:

Wally Berg
Leila Silveira

Dispatches :

July 2 - Images of success on Sajama

July 1 - (Evening Dispatch) Team Returns to Camp
July 1, 2005 - Happy Canada Day from the Summit of Sajama

June 30 - Sajama Base Camp to High Camp
June 29 - On Our Way to Sajama
June 28 - Leaving La Paz and Clean Sheets Behind for the Mountains Again
June 27 - Views from Pequeno Alpamayo
June 26 (Evening) - Team Returns to Base Camp
June 26 - Berg Adventures Team on Top of Pequeno Alpamayo
June 24 - Everyone Reaches the Summit of Cerro Austria
June 23 - Acclimatizing at Condoriri Base Camp
June 22 - Packing Up the Llamas
June 21 - Copacabana on the Shores of Lake Titicaca
June 20 - Acclimatizing and Shopping!
June 18 - Our Team is Beginning to Arrive

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