Expedition to Bolivia - Spring 2003

After touching down in the highest capital in the world, BAI's Bolivia expedition team heads to the Cordillera Real with their sights set on some of the major peaks in the Condoriri Group, including the snow-covered pyramid of Pequeño Alpamayo (5370 m/17,618 ft) or the glaciers of Mount Ilusión (5350 m/17,487 ft) from a beautiful base camp on a pristine lake, before focusing on the famous and challengingly high Huayna Potosí (6088 m/19,974 ft). They'll finish the trip off with a visit to the high Amazon basin and an exploration of the mysterious mountain culture unique to Bolivia."


BAI camp at Isla de SolJune 14, 2003 - A “Grand and Powerful” Beginning

June 16th - Exploring the highest lake in the world

June 20 - Snowfall at Condoriri Base Camp

June 22 - Summit dreams in the Andes

June 22 - More photos from "summit dreams"

June 22 - Photos from the summits of Tarija and Alpamayo

June 23 - From Huayna Potosi Camp

June 23 - Huayna Potosi Update

June 24, 2003 - Huayna Potosí Summit

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Descent to the Yungas - Final Dispatch

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