November 22, 2005 – Berg Adventures Vinson Team Lands on the Ice

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

It’s 6:30 pm local time and I’m calling you from 81 degrees south at Patriot Hills base in Antarctica.  Martin Glynn from Australia, Woodie Vaughan from Georgia and myself Wally Berg representing Berg Adventures for another exciting season of climbing Mount Vinson, have all arrived in Antarctica.

If you have followed our dispatches over the years you will know that it is not always a given that you will leave on your intended day of departure but sometimes you do.  In fact today, November 22nd we were dispatched from our hotels quite frantically this morning and taken out to the airport in Punta Arenas, loaded on to this big Ilyushin cargo jet and here we are in Antarctica. 

As Martin just said a few minutes ago, “this feels like an adventure of a lifetime is underway."  I’m looking off at a few tiny little tents way off in the distance over at Patriot Hills base, and one really exciting sight for me are the Ken Borak Twin Otter aircraft that came all the way down from Calgary, Alberta to support us with our trip from here to the Ellsworth mountains.

Woodie, Martin and I are going to walk over to Patriot Hills base now to see what’s up with the next leg of our trip as we go to climb Mount Vinson.  I should report that the entire… [lost transmission]