August 5 – Fresh Chicken Direct from the Moshi market

Kibo, from Shira Camp

(Berg Adventures Office) We just got a call from BAI Guide Nicholas. He is at the market in Moshi, at the base of Kilimanjaro, getting fresh food to resupply the group at Karanga (elevation 13,100 ft 3,990 meters). They many not know it yet, but Daniel, David and Peter will soon be eating fresh chicken prepared by Muerma, their cook. The acclimatization and hiking days from the Shira Pleteau camp through Barronco are going well.

Muerma, our BAI cookNicholas tell us that the guys all seem very strong and that they are having a good time. His next report to us will be direct from our high camp, 15,700’ (4785 meters) on August 7th. If he can get a good connection with the phone, he will also report from the summit on August 8th.