The sign says it all: We Did It!

February 23, 2006 – Out of Africa with Complete Success!

Final Dispatch

This is Wally Berg reporting to you from back at our hotel in Arusha.  It is still hard to believe how completely successful this amazing adventure has been!  I think the accomplishment will still be sinking in for a long time to come, and I know that a lifetime of memories has been stored up in each proud member of this team. 

All 43 members of this remarkable group of people completed the nine day traverse of Africa’s highest mountain.  No member had to leave early, and ultimately no member ever let the team down or let themselves down.  I can assure you there were times of doubt for each and ever person who did this – really difficult moments and really difficult days.  But by sticking with it, relying on one another and believing in ourselves we all reached the end together.

Last night our wonderful three day safari that capped off our Tanzanian adventure came to an end.  On Tuesday, February 21 the team had visited Ngorongoro Crater.  Our Land Cruisers were in contact by radio as we fanned out in different directions looking for wildlife.  The “Big Five” animals of African safaris are cape buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros.  At different times on our three days of searching for wildlife we managed to see them all as a team. 

Many of the favorites were other animals however.  The baboons were very popular and well loved.  Giraffes, Zebras and Hippos were also fun to see.  There are always surprises on Berg Adventure safaris, as when the team members who went out in Tarangire National Park on Wednesday morning returned excitedly reporting “we saw lions eating a zebra!”

And the smiles and fellowship among the members of our group itself was also a rewarding part of the adventure.  I hope that some of these final images will show you the spirit that we all shared as we traveled the great wildlife reserves of Northern Tanzania.

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