February 12 – Bright Smiles on Kilimanjaro

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

Hi this is Laney calling on behalf of all the BCACL team on Mount Kilimanjaro.  To our family and friends we love you and miss you.  We are all together; we’ve just come across the Shira ridge and had a wonderful lunch.  Tonight we will be sleeping at 13,100 feet (3992 m) at Moir Camp.  At this mornings team meeting we all had bright smiles and everyone had two thumbs up and all were looking forward to a good day.

It was a really cold night but there was a beautiful full moon right over the mountain which was absolutely majestic and it gave us inspiration to work harder to get up to the top.  We were snug in our tents, even though it was a crispy, cold night.

We are looking so forward to telling you all the great stories about the new friends we’re making and to tell you how wonderful the staff is to us.  Every day is just a new experience for us and we will talk to you soon.

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