February 11– Entire Team Reaches Shira Camp at 11,000 Feet

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Hi, it’s Wally Berg calling you on the afternoon of February 11th  And believe it or not I’m already calling you from just above our camp 2 on the mountain.  We are already over 11,000 feet (3352m) and I’m looking down at our Shira Camp which is our second camp on Kilimanjaro.  After we started out last evening, the entire team was eager to go you could tell.  The walk up to our first camp, the Forest Camp, even though we had a late start after our travels from Arusha I thought went very well.

I talk a lot about the community and team work and as you follow our adventures you are going to learn a lot about the Tanzanians who are working with us here, how they’re organized and the different responsibilities that they do.  One fellow that has been working with us for years is Abraham and he’s responsible for the team of guys that move our camp and sets up our tents.  He did a wonderful job with this huge long dining tent that all 46 of us from North America...

[lost transmission]

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