February 9, 2006 – Pole Pole We Will Go

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Team members are greeted by our friendly staff

It’s February 9th and it’s hard to believe that the group has been in Arusha for 24 hours now.  When all 43 members of the BCACL group got off their KLM flight yesterday evening they saw many friendly faces from Berg Adventures who were there to great them.

Doc interviews the team.In Amsterdam the team was met by a 44th member from Berg Adventures, Doctor Charles Martin or ‘Doc’ as the team calls him now.  In the airport in Amsterdam and on the flight down I was amazed at how Doc had gotten to know the entire group and was already beginning to share all of his experience and wisdom on Kilimanjaro and adventures around the world.

Today each member sat with Doc and they reviewed all the medical situations.  But more than anything I heard Doc giving a lot of wise advice for climbing Kilimanjaro.  Doc introduced everybody to the concept of ‘pole – pole’ which is what the porters and the guides, the people who speak Swahili always say when they are taking about going slowly.  That is what we talked about today, for us to have success on the mountain we must go slowly, slowly.

Wally Minja, the newest member of the BAI familyThe Berg Adventures team is working really hard to get us ready to go.  As you probably know we’re off to the mountain tomorrow morning.  The entire crew is working hard.  Nicholas Minja the Director of Operations in Tanzania for Berg Adventures and his lovely wife Angel who you know from previous Berg Adventures trips, if you follow our web casts are managing the logistics of this large group and doing a great job with that.  They are also busy with their new son Wally Minja who is only 7 months old and the newest member of our Tanzanian Berg Adventures Crew.  Right now Angel took many of the girls from the group to get their hair done up in corn rows!

So tonight we’ll get a good night sleep before we get up early in the morning and make our way to the base of Kilimanjaro.

[please note transmission was broken at the beginning and end of this dispatch]

Relaxing poolside at the hotel in Arusha

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