September 29, 2006 - Trekkers Arrive at Everest Base Camp

Trekkers making themselves at home in the Base Camp dining tent

This is Leila Silveira calling from Base Camp; we all made it here today and we are looking great. Yesterday was a relaxing day at Gorak Shep for some of the members; Steve, Matt and Karen went up to Kala Patar for the sunset and got great images of Everest and the other big peaks.

Cami and Maria enjoy a cool beverage after arriving at Base Camp

Last night we all had a wonderful dinner prepared by our base camp cook Sham, at Gorak Shep. We had pizza, and great fried rice.  Karen even asked if she could have the left over rice for breakfast this morning.

Today we were all so excited to finally go to base camp. After breakfast we all divided in 3 groups. Maria, Cami, Libby and Steve went up with Pemba to climb Kala Patar and continued on to Base Camp from there (so Steve climbed it twice!) Karen, Matt and Pemba went quickly to Base Camp. Jim, Min and I took our time and went more slowly.

Jim was happy to see his good friend Michael from British Columbia

We all arrived at Base Camp and everyone is feeling great. It has been interesting talking with the climbers about their experiences so far, and to see their enthusiasm for moving back up the mountain tomorrow.  Now we are all going to have an early dinner together in the Base Camp dining tent.  It is a great feeling for this trekking team to have made it all the way to Everest Base Camp.

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