September 25, 2006 - Trekkers Call-in to Everest Base Camp

It’s not a dog.  Karen and Maria with a small toy yak.

This is Wally Berg on Monday, September 25th and I’m calling you from Everest Base Camp with today’s dispatch for the Everest Base Camp support trekkers.  I talked to Leila by radio just a few minutes ago and she told me that everyone is extremely healthy and having a great time.  They are still down in Pangboche and they were getting ready for the short walk up to the Himalayan Hotel in Pheriche where they will spend two nights acclimatizing.       

Cami and Jim are happy, even in the rain     

They have had a lot of rain and as most of you know by now we’ve been getting a lot of snow over the last 5 days at Everest Base Camp.  I’m happy to report to you that I am standing in the sunshine now, looking down the valley. I think our trekkers are probably still walking in clouds to Pheriche, but the good news is the higher they come towards base camp the clearer it is going to get or at least it looks that way today on Monday.

Libby in front of Mani stones on the trails

So that’s the update from the trekkers today, they’ll no doubt keep checking in as they come closer to home at Everest Base Camp.

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