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Explore the Wonders of Tibet

Indulge your curiosities and visit the alluring land of Tibet with Berg Adventures International. We will spend a week traveling through a land of cultural, natural and spiritual wonders. From the modern city of Lhasa to the wide open valleys of the Tibetan highlands, and from the Hindu temples of Kathmandu to the Buddhist monasteries that decorate Tibet’s landscape, you will experience an incredible and engaging world.

Trip highlights will include:

  • Two days to explore the city of Kathmandu, Nepal as you prepare for your Tibetan adventure
  • A scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet—with any luck, you’ll see Everest and other famed peaks!
  • Three alluring days in the city of Lhasa, Tibet to visit the Potala Palace, Jokang temples, markets and monasteries
  • A multi-day excursion along the incredibly scenic and diverse Friendship Highway from Lhasa to Kathmandu over high passes, through lush valleys and with stops in charming towns and villages
  • An exciting day in Qomolongma (Everest) National Nature Preserve with a visit to Everest Base Camp North
  • Beautiful, hospitable, and colorful individuals from tea houses and hotels, to temples and monasteries

If you’re adding this adventure to one of our trips like Everest Base Camp or Bhutan, and don’t have an extra week to spare, we can arrange shorter trips to Lhasa and the surrounding areas. The incredible city is undoubtedly worth a visit. Also, if you’re interested in visiting Tibet, but the dates don’t work for you, let us know. We can easily arrange this trip on alternate dates.

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